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Fiduciary Services

The time may come for many of us to need Fiduciary Services. Webster defines fiduciary (pronounced fi·du·ci·ar·y | \fǝ-‘dü-shē- er-ē) as “of, relating to, or involving a confidence or trust.” When a bank, family member, or a professional individual acts in a fiduciary capacity, such as acting as a Professional Trustee for a Trust or as an Executor or Personal Representative for an Estate, that person or organization has a duty to put the beneficiaries interest ahead of his or her own interest. I have the experience, background, and knowledge necessary to act as fiduciary. I have a clear understanding of what it means to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and always act in my clients’ interests. As your fiduciary, I will take my responsibilities seriously and appreciate the level of trust placed in me.


Trusts & Estates

I provide advice and counsel to help identify estate planning goals and objectives. You can expect a personal approach when you work with me. I work closely with your entire financial team-wealth manager, accountant, and insurance specialist-so no stone is unturned. I strive to help families navigate the complexities of estate planning, and provide you peace of mind that you have minimized the emotional toll that your death or incapacity can cause loved ones. I also provide trust administration and probate services. Through virtual meetings and/or telephone calls, I can help anyone in Florida with their estate planning needs. In Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area, I am available for in-person meetings.


Consulting Services

Fiduciary Litigators need someone on their side that has real-world industry experience in trust administration, operations, and wealth management to provide unbiased insight into these complex cases. That’s why I’m here to help and can serve as an expert witness and consultant when needed. My consulting services are available to anyone, nationwide.

I can help banks with Trust Powers (established or de novo), looking for advice regarding policies, procedures, forms, Fiduciary Committee formation, or general risk assessment.

I’m Happy to Help!

I will make it easy to work with me. I excel at explaining complex techniques, allowing you to then make the very best decisions for yourself and for your loved ones. I am highly credentialed and highly educated, giving you the confidence to put your trust in me and my services.

I am able to quickly problem solve and find solutions that allow you to reach your goals in the most expedient manner possible. This ultimately saves you both time and money. Whether you need a single estate planning document, a fiduciary, or consulting services, I can help.

about Lea Anne

Lea Anne Groover talking with clients


... I couldn't imagine hiring anyone else...

I was fortunate enough to have Lea Anne draw up my mother’s will a few years ago. She answered all our questions, made sure my mother’s wishes were heard and guided us every step of the way.

When my mom passed last year, she took care of every detail. I didn’t have to worry about anything, which was comforting during that difficult time. She was compassionate, resourceful, patient and extremely professional. I couldn’t imagine hiring anyone else.

– M. Posada

About Me

My name is Lea Anne Groover. I founded Groover Law to fulfill a dream I had as a child of becoming a lawyer and helping others. I spent most of my career in banking, primarily as a Trust Officer in Wealth Management. I took advantage of a unique opportunity in 2007 to join a de novo bank. My job as Chief Fiduciary Officer was to establish the Trust Department, including policies, procedures, forms, accounting systems, and investment platforms. I worked closely with OCC regulators to ensure all requirements were firmly in place so they would have Trust Powers on opening.

As time passed, I discovered that most Chief Fiduciary Officers were attorneys. Wanting to remain competitive as the bank grew, I went to law school part-time, while continuing to work full-time. Not surprisingly, I quickly fell in love with the law. By my third year of law school, I had an opportunity to intern with a Probate, Trust, and Guardianship Judge. Taking a leap of faith, I resigned from the bank with the goal of practicing law. Following my internship, I was hired by a local, mid-size firm as a law clerk, then hired full time upon my graduation from law school and passing of the bar in 2015.

I worked at that law firm for several years, loving almost everything about being an attorney, however, I was also the primary caregiver for my elderly mother—a difficult task with the time commitment required in being an associate. I made the difficult decision to move to a large bank as Senior Trust Officer, however, I almost immediately knew this was not the best use of my education, passion, and skills. Sadly, my mother has passed away, however, I now have the opportunity to pursue my real passion—to help clients with my knowledge of the law and vast experience in the banking/finance area.

I want to help families with estate plans; I can help beneficiaries understand how their loved one wanted them to benefit from a Trust established for their benefit, and help fiduciary litigators by providing expert witness testimony, research, and analysis. A core principle of mine is to make it extremely easy for you to do business with me. I will communicate clear expectations regarding cost and time right up front and I fully expect to have a lifelong relationship with you, and each of my clients.

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Estate Planning FAQs

Why is Estate Planning important?

Far too many adults leave estate planning to the last minute—or fail...

Far too many adults leave estate planning to the last minute—or fail to plan at all. Either of these “strategies,” can result in significant problems for those left behind. Having an estate plan prepared is a caring, loving thing you can do for your loved ones in the event of your incapacitation or death.

When you fail to plan for your death or incapacitation, the state of Florida will step in and make decisions for you. The decisions made by the state of Florida may, in no way, be decisions you would make or would be happy with.

A much better plan is to take the time to speak with me. I will then help you craft an estate plan that is unique to your situation, your life, your level of assets, and your loved ones.

I understand that many adults have reservations about engaging in estate planning. Perhaps there doesn’t seem to be sufficient time to have an estate plan prepared, you think it will cost too much, you are afraid you don’t understand the process well enough, or you simply balk at facing your own mortality. I completely understand all these reasons and will help you get past them to have an estate plan prepared in the easiest manner possible.

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How can I help if you have been named as Trustee or Personal Representative in someone else's estate planning documents?

Perhaps you have been named as a Successor Trustee or a Personal...

Perhaps you have been named as a Successor Trustee or a Personal Representative by a loved one who has died and left you to deal with probate or trust administration. When you must deal with the legal aftermath following the death or incapacitation of a loved one, I can advise you. Helping you quickly and efficiently probate your loved one’s Florida estate can allow you the time you need to grieve. I will provide step-by-step guidance to protect you as an executor or trustee, while ensuring proper estate administration.

If you are in charge of administering a trust or must probate a will, having an experienced estate planning attorney like myself can make all the difference. The duties associated with trust administration or probate have the potential for missteps and misunderstandings, particularly with beneficiaries. I will help you properly account for the decedent’s assets and trust administration, releasing you from the potential liability of serving as a trustee, while helping you decipher complex tax issues, and assisting you in determining when and how to liquidate trust assets.

If you fail to perform your duties as Trustee or Personal Representative correctly, lawsuits can ensue, and you could potentially be held personally responsible. Having me by your side will ensure the trust administration or probate will go smoothly, the taxes will be taken care of and the bills will be correctly paid. Do not shoulder the entire responsibility yourself—let me help. Whether you are considering having a Florida estate plan prepared, or are facing a trust administration or probate, give me a call at Groover Law—you will be glad you did.

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